Things You Should Probably Know, Because I Say So
Off My Routine

I’ve read that you’re supposed to take a break from any workout routine from time to time. I haven’t established the ideal time between these breaks yet, just that two weeks (like over this past holiday) is way too long and I lose conditioning. One week seems to be about right. It’s been a couple of months since my last break, so I knew I was due for one soon.

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Fucking Apache,

My sys admin is always so busy, doesn’t want us to have root, whatever,

$targetDir = ‘.temp/up/’;
function clear($dirPath)
  $dir = scandir($dirPath);
  foreach($dir as $item){
    if(‘.’ != $item && ‘..’ != $item && !is_link($dirPath.$item)){
      } else {

Fuck you file permissions.

Blessed is the age where I can band-aid my woes with animated gifs and $9 tee-shirts in 140 characters or less.
@jthurtea (I might just make it through today.)