Things You Should Probably Know, Because I Say So
Off My Routine

I’ve read that you’re supposed to take a break from any workout routine from time to time. I haven’t established the ideal time between these breaks yet, just that two weeks (like over this past holiday) is way too long and I lose conditioning. One week seems to be about right. It’s been a couple of months since my last break, so I knew I was due for one soon.

This morning I got up, or at least I tried to. Originally I was going to take a break next week, thinking with Brian being out of town, getting off my routine would be a little too much change all at once.

Then I laid in bed for an hour, decided it was about time to get up… looked at the website for the gym and realized the section I usually work out in, with the equipment I prefer, was closed due to spring break.

After an hour of passing into and out of an indecisive delirium  I got up and brushed my teeth. Debating going to the gym and making do with the less optimal setup, I got back under the covers to “stay warm” while I deliberated. I could do just aerobics this week and do just weights next week, but wasn’t sure if splitting up a “break” like that even worked.

An hour later, I was like, “Fuck It” and decided to just take this week off instead. By that time it was the latest possible minute for me to start getting ready for work anyway.

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